An 11-sentence paragraph


Sentence      Function/Content


1 (CI)           In the CI (controlling idea sentence), the writer indicates the topic to be discussed in the paragraph.  In addition to the topic, the CI should also contain the writer’s specific feeling or feature about that subject.  (Oftentimes this is merely a re-stating of the original question in statement form.)


2(O1)            The writer introduces the first idea and attitude/feature of discussion for the paper


3 & 4            These two sentences provide support and detail for the first idea.  Clear, specific support must be given in these sentences.


5(O2)            The writer introduces the second idea and attitude/feature of discussion for the paper.


6 & 7            Again, the writer provides support for the second idea.


8(O3)            The writer introduces the third and final idea and attitude/feature of the paragraph.


9 & 10          The writer provides support for the third idea.


11 (CL)          The concluding sentence ties the paragraph together, repeating the assertation made as the CI in the introductory sentence.


During and after writing the paragraph, the student should refer to the rubric provided by the instructor.  Before handing in, the writer should proofread for any errors in spelling/mechanics.